Glamming up with Orchids

Nature has always inspired us in so many ways, we bring their beauty indoors by bringing in plants, taking care of pets, and using flowers and nature in our fashion and even in home decor. 

Blessed to be living in a tropical island of Hawaii, I am truly surrounded by the beauty of paradise everywhere I look. Hence, I bring the beauty of God's creation in the products that we make. 

The country of Hawaii is known to be the Orchid capital of the world. Our country has a die array of orchids species displaying vibrant colors of nature. You can even visit several greenhouses and tour the beauty of orchids in various stages of growth here in Hawaii. There is nothing more interesting than seeing the beauty of the orchid flowers in person as well as smelling their irresistible fragrance. 

Photo by Yeimy Olivier on Unsplash

This is why orchids has always inspired us in our collection, from orchid inspired pendants, earrings and brooches, you will find a wide arrange of orchid inspirations in our collection. 

Check out our orchid inspired collection:


Orchids are not just a flower, they are an artistic inspiration that can add beauty and glam in our everyday lives. 

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