Effortlessly Transition Your Closet from Fall to Winter

Marilou Urbi

As the breeze continues to blow colder and colder everyday, it is undeniable that we are approaching the winter season soon. As our seasons change, our fashion and closets need to transition with it as well. Fortunately, it isn’t as drastic change to summer fashion but we’re here to help you do a seamless transition from fall to winter.



Much of your fall outfit can be carried over thru winter. All you need to do is to layer as much clothes as you possibly can. The colder it gets, the more layers of clothing. However, it doesn't mean that you have to bury your fashion sense with the layers of snow that will come our way.

Start with thin fabrics like silk or cotton shirts, add up sweaters and cardigans on top and add a final touch with your coat. Remember to add classy accessories like infinity scarfs to add color and flare to your winter outfit.


Add a touch of nature

Winter usually means more neutral colors and saying goodbye to floral wardrobe. But it doesn’t mean you have to give it all up. If you are a nature lover like me, then wearing a touch of nature isn't going to be a big deal. You can start with neutral colors to your basic wardrobe like inner clothing, cardigans and jeans, but you can use a colorful statement jacket to add that pop of color and add little touches of nature to your accessories like Garden Inspired Jewelry.


Thicker Fabrics and Knits

It’s time to bring out that knitted sweater and invest in more thicker fabrics. The winter season can get very chilling so it’s time to invest in knits and thicker coats and sweaters. Leather jackets, wool socks and knitted cardigans add that warmth needed for this season.

We will continue to transition our clothing and fashion as seasons change. What’s important is that we should not lose our own fashion identity. Don’t be scared to add touches of your own flare as seasons change. Change your clothing and accessories but don’t change the unique YOU.

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