7 Style Hacks You Need to Try

Marilou Mendoza

Want to try something new with your get-up? You can look stylishly gorgeous and be a fashionista in your own right without breaking your wallet. Here are some simple hacks you can try. Mind you, some of these styling hacks have been seen on fashion runways.

The “wrap and tuck”

The “wrap and tuck” isn’t exactly new. The fashion icon Audrey Hepburn tried this during her heyday, but the look is making a comeback. It’s simple to do. First, wear a slightly baggy button down shirt. Then, twist it slightly, wrapping it around you as though you’re wearing a bathrobe or a kimono. Tuck the bottom part of the shirt into a pair of pants or a skirt. Secure the top in place by using safety pins to prevent a wardrobe mishap from happening.

Layering Collars

Wear two shirts together and layer the collars. Don’t do this with a collared t-shirt though or it will look horrendous.

Invest in a Vest

Some fashion specialists would advise you to try the layered look in the spring because the wind is still bound to be chilly sometimes. To achieve that look, you can pair a vest with different shirts. When the weather gets warmer, you can simply ditch the vest, or better yet, skip the shirt and wear the vest alone. Use a sash, ribbon or belt to hold it in place.

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